If you fancy something different in your kitchen or want to give someone a fantastic gift, these gorgeous chopping boards are the perfect choice. Each cutting board is made from solid Oak with a strip of solid Purple Heart making them extra special.


When freshly cut Purple Heart can look brown, however it quickly turns into a amazing deep purple on exposure to light and air. At Stott & Shepherd we believe adding this strip of colour makes a plain household object into something unique.


If you are worried about damaging such a beautiful piece, we offer a chopping board revival service on all our boards! simply give us an email to arrange.


Each board is lovingly handmade in Cambridge, England by Stott & Shepherd

Purple Heart and Oak Chopping Board

  • Material: Purple Heart and Solid Oak


    Size: 460 x 260 X 35mm


    Each Chopping Board is handmade out of natural timber making each board beautifully unique